crochet spider and spiderling

This spider is quick and easy to make.  It is also great for using up leftover thread or yarn!  There are two different sizes, the spider measures about 2" and the spiderling measures about 1 1/2".

Materials needed for the spider-

  • small amount of size 3 crochet thread
  • 2.75 mm hook

Materials needed for the spiderling-

  • small amount of size 10 crochet thread
  • 1.75 mm hook
Special stitches-

picot- ch 2, sl st in second ch from hook

Note- If you are making the loop for hanging make sure to leave about 6" of thread before starting the chain stitches.


ch 4, in fourth ch from hook work (3 tr, ch 3)

in the free loop of the same st work (sc, and working behind the end of the thread, ch 2, sc)  the beginning thread end should be in the front, as shown in the picture below

 ch 3, sl st in the next tr, ch 9, sl st in second ch from hook, and in next 7 ch, ch 7, sl st in second ch from hook, and in next 5 ch, sl st in same tr, first 2 legs complete

ch 8, sl st in second ch from hook, and in next 6 ch, ch 9, sl st in second ch from hook, and in next 7 ch, sl st in same tr, 4 legs complete

 sl st in next tr and work [ch 1, (hdc, picot) twice, hdc, ch 1, sl st]

sl st in next tr, ch 9 sl st in second ch from hook, and in next 7 ch, ch 8, sl st in second ch from hook, and in next 6 ch, sl st in same tr, 6 legs complete

ch 7, sl st in second ch from hook, and in next 5 st, ch 9, sl st in second ch from hook, and in next 7 st, sl st in same tr, 8 legs complete 

ch 3, sl st in first sc, and in next sp, cut the thread leaving about 6", fasten off drawing both ends through the loop.  

With both ends in the loop pull it closed and tie a knot at the end.

This pattern is by Julia Hart of Draiguna.  Feel free to link this pattern, please do not reprint it on your site.  You can sell the items made from this pattern.  Please credit me as the designer, Julia Hart of Draiguna, or link to my etsy shop,, or my blog  Please do not claim this pattern as your own, sell, or distribute it.   Thank you!


  1. I have been crocheting for almost 50 years. I had excellent teachers in reading patterns and in actual hands on crocheting. I have even written a few patterns myself. This was one of the most confusing patterns I've tried to make sense of in a long time, fortunately the pictures were clear and for the most part explanatory.

    1. I have to agree with you! It wasn't at all clear...but I muddled through. I doubt someone new to crochet would be able to figure it out. Could be wrong, but I've a lot of experience with crochet and I very nearly threw in the towel on this one!

    2. I'm sorry to hear that the instructions were not easy to follow. This was one of my first patterns I wrote last year. I now see how the pattern can be improved to be less confusing and will work on an update for this spider pattern! :D

    3. WOW, I found it incredibly easy!

  2. Большое спасибо за описание. Оставила ссылки на него у себя на канале и в блоге.

  3. Thank you Drayguna for this pattern! It is not really easy to understand but I could and I'm very happy wint the result!!!!

  4. I did my spider in worsted weight. It turned out fine. The eyes are not correct. The eyes i made. I kind of muddled through. But. Still. Im happy with results and i am very grateful for the free instructions

  5. Hello, dear! Beautiful spider pattern, thank you very much for sharing it with us. I would like to have your permission to publish a photograph of this projects in a compilation of beautiful inspiration for Halloween in my blog. Have a great day!

  6. I am very enjoyed for this blog. Its an informative topic. It help me very much to solve some problems. Its opportunity are so fantastic and working style so speedy.

  7. Will love to see a video. Thanks!

  8. This is a nice spider design. I followed your instructions on screen from your pattern and photos and completed my first white spider. I like the body and head formation and the way it continues around from the beginning. Thank you for the free pattern.

  9. I'm getting too frustrated with this pattern. I don't get it. Please post a video.

  10. Hi! Is this written in UK Or US terms? Thank you