Monday, March 27, 2017

Spring Song

Happy spring! :D  I have another pattern to share today for this small doily.  The pattern Spring Song is available here and also in the pattern section.  It is 15 rounds and measures about 7 1/2".  For the 3 doilies shown above I used Artiste thread in the colors glacier, orchid, and tropical pink with a 1.75 mm hook.  For the border I used Aunt Lydia's metallic thread in the color natural gold.

There are also instructions available here for a picot border.    

I'm working on writing down more patterns and may have another small doily pattern ready for next week.  Also feel free to tag me @draiguna or use the hashtag #draiguna on instagram! 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring Brilliance

Since today is the first day of spring I thought it would be a good time to post the pattern Spring Brilliance!  The pattern is available here and also can be found in the pattern section.  It is an update of the doily pattern Solar Brilliance.  Some noticable differences are- 
  • revised instructions written without the color changes
  • rounds 15, 16, and 17 are completely different
  • there is an 18th round with a new border
Why an update?  I was making Solar Brilliance last week and tried something different for the last few rounds and liked it!  I also figured it was a good time to revise the instructions for one continuous doily without any color changes.

I used Alize Miss Batik size 10 thread in the colorway 3708 with a 1.5 mm hook.  I really like how the doily turned out using a variegated thread.  

I hope that you enjoy making this doily :)  Please feel free to tag me @draiguna or use the hashtag #draiguna on instagram!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Snowy day and some crochet

Hello, It's already March and this is my first post of the year!  I've been working on writing some of my patterns down.  I need to try writing them as I go so it doesn't take as long lol.  This is the one I'm currently working on writing a pattern for-

Here are some other things I've been making this year-

Flower bookmarks made with Knit Picks Curio thread and a 1.5 mm hook.

This bookmark has a shamrock charm on the tassel

A Valentine's Day angel with hearts on her wings and skirt

A heart ornament

This is my current project!  The pattern is called State of the Art.  I'm on round 42 and using size 20 thread with a 1.25 mm hook.

I will try to post more frequently and also get these patterns written down!  Here's one last picture from today.  After some warm weather I guess winter is back!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Mini Stockings and pot holders

I was looking through some patterns I bought from a sale last year at e-Patterns Central.  One of the patterns I had to make were these mini stockings!  They are in the book Christmas in Crochet, Holiday 2013 and designed by Mickie Akins.  The stockings measure about 2" and I used size 10 thread with a 1.75 mm hook.  

I've also been making mini pot holders!  These are from the book Silhouette Hot Mats designed by Fances Hughes.  I used Aunt Lydias crochet thread and a 1.75 mm hook.

Here are some other things I've been working on-

This is a set of 2 pot holders (normal sized lol)

One of the new bookmarks I listed in my etsy shop.  It has a snowflake charm on the tassel.

Small cross bookmarks in the colors red, light blue, and muted lavender.  

I've been packaging lots of orders!  For this one I used a snowflake bag and ribbon :D

The top and bottom pictures are of two different angels.  I have three more of them to make.  The pattern is Pineapple Seraphim designed by Cylinda Mathews.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Christmas Crochet

It's almost one month until Christmas and I wanted to share some things I've been making!  The photo above is a pine tree bookmark and doily.  I will write down a pattern for the doily soon. 

This is one of the angel tree toppers before starching.  The pattern is called Pineapple Seraphim designed by Cylinda Mathews.  

Bookmark with a snowflake charm on the tassel.


A bookmark with silver ribbon woven through it and a Santa charm on the tassel.

This is one of my favorite patterns, Round Doily designed my Mayumi Kawai.  I used Artiste size 10 thread in the color Poppy Red with a 1.75 mm hook.

There are more things that I'm working on and will post again soon!  Here is one last photo of cute holiday packaging for some bookmarks :D