Hello, my name is Julia.  I've been crocheting for about seven years and enjoy working with thread.  I like making doilies, bookmarks, pouches, angels, and ornaments.

In 2014 I opened a shop on Etsy.  Since then I've been crocheting a lot and trying to come up with other things I can make!

Besides crocheting I also enjoy playing video games.  My shop name Draiguna is a character last name I chose in Guild Wars 2 :D  It's an anagram of guardian, one of the professions in the game.

  Here are some of my favorite projects-

My first crochet project.
Autumn Squares blanket from One Square, Many Ways.

 One of my favorite doilies which I'm making again for the fourth time :)
The pattern is Majestic, by Patricia Kristoffersen.

Carnation Rose Doily

Bookmarks with flower charms on the tassel


  1. I love how you use different thread colors, in your work, each row stands out. Your spider design block is very cute. I see you also like Patricia Kristoffersen's designs, she is my favorite designer. I think you're very talented, keep up the great work.

  2. I agree!! I love Pat's designs, have worked my way through some of the tough ones, but have not gone so far as to make color changes with any. You give me the hope that some day I will be able to make that happen, without it looking too weird!

  3. Julia, your patterns are absolutely beautiful. It is wonderful that you can create such beautiful things. I have enough problems following the written patterns. I definitely need to try some of your creations. Thank you!

  4. l love your designs, but when l come onto the pattern pages , it tells me you are not secure.

    1. Hi,

      Thank you for letting me know! It should be fixed now :)

      Kind regards,