Friday, November 17, 2017

Merrymaker Snowflakes

Hello! :)  Today I am sharing the pattern for these little snowflakes!  These versatile snowflakes can be used to decorate your Christmas tree, or hang them up around your house :D  You can tie them onto a package or present, or include one in a card.  This is also a good way to use up some left over bits of thread if you have any!  Just a small amount is needed to make each snowflake.  The snowflakes pictured are made with Aunt Lydias size 10 cotton thread in ecru and copper mist and Nazli Gelin Garden size 10 thread in ecru.  Finished measurements are 2 1/2".  There is also a photo tutorial of each round available here.

a small amount of size 10 thread
1.75 mm hook
yarn needle for weaving in ends

Materials needed for blocking-
liquid starch 
rust proof pins
blocking mat

Stitches Used

ch- chain
sl st- slip stitch
dc- double crochet
tr- treble crochet
sc- single crochet

Special Stitches

small picot- ch 2, sl st in second ch from hook
cluster- ch 3, dc in third ch from hook
picot- ch 3, sl st in third ch from hook

Pattern Notes

the ch 3 in the beginning of rounds 1 and 2 counts as the first dc
( ) - work enclosed instructions the amount of times indicated, or work enclosed instructions in the stitch indicated
* - work the following instructions until you reach the last dc
ch 4, sl st in first ch to make a ring

Round 1- ch 3 (counts as first dc), 11 dc in ring, sl st in third ch of first dc.  12 dc

Round 2- ch 3, dc in next dc, ch 5, (dc in next 2 dc, ch 5) 4 times, dc in next 2 dc, ch 1, tr in third ch of first dc to make the last ch-5 space.  12 dc and 6 ch-5 spaces

Round 3- ch 1, (sc, small picot, 2 sc) in same space, dc in next dc (in the same stitch as last tr made in the previous round), cluster, picot, cluster, dc in next dc, *(2 sc, small picot, 2 sc) in next space, dc in next dc, cluster, picot, cluster, dc in next dc, repeat from * around, sc in next space, sl st in first sc, fasten off and weave in ends.  24 sc, 6 small picots, 12 dc, 12 clusters, and 6 picots

For best results I recommend blocking your finished work.  The snowflakes pictured have been stiffened with undiluted liquid starch.  Dip each one in the starch.  Gently press out any excess starch being careful not to pull on the stitches.  Shape and pin each point onto the blocking mat and let them dry.  Once they are dry you can add the loop for hanging.  To make the loop cut a piece of string about 7", thread it onto the yarn needle, weave through any picot on the last round, and tie a knot at the top. 

Enjoy your finished snowflake!  

This pattern is by Julia Hart of Draiguna.  Feel free to link this pattern but do not reprint it on your site.  You can sell items made from this pattern.  Please credit me as the designer, Julia Hart of Draiguna,  link to my etsy shop-, or my blog-  Please do not claim this pattern as your own, sell, or distribute it.  Thank you!


  1. Don't think I will get around to making these this year, but I love the sweet look of them. Very delicate and elegant looking! Pinning for next year.

  2. I love it .but I can't understand English patterns that you put Patiently 😍.could you give me a picture pattern ❤

  3. Cute! And easier than I thought they'd be. Thanks!

  4. These are so pretty, thank you for sharing this pattern for free.

    FlowerLady who has been 'hooked' on crocheting since the age of 15.

  5. These are so cute, thank you so much for sharing the pattern,

  6. I haven't been able to find liquid starch anywhere. I've used it on snowflakes before and love the look but this year can not find it. Can you give me a suggestion of where it might come from? Thanks. Love your patterns...very unique.

    1. My mom has always used a mixture of white Elmer's glue and water instead of the starch because she has had issues finding it. It also allows her to add a little bit of glitter to the snowflakes as well

  7. I boil water with sugar, let it cool down a bit then dip the material in, then lay down and pin to dry.

    1. I suggest you NOT use sugar, as it will attract ants, especially in storage, and if you have pets, they will try to eat these too.

  8. 2 cups of water 1tbsp of cornstarch boil, add 1 tbsp white vinegar after boiling while it cools... Liquid cornstarch.. Use distilled water if you can.