Saturday, May 13, 2017

Crochet Pouches

With a doily and few other materials you can make these pouches.  They can be used to wrap small gifts, filled with potpourri, party favors, or anything else you can think of!  For this guide I filled them with a mix of decorative seashells and sea glass.  The doily pattern I used is called Starlight, a link to the free pattern is available here.

1 doily, around 10" in diameter
tulle, 12" or enough to cover the doily plus  about 1-2" extra
1/8" ribbon, about 25-30"
yarn needle
something to fill the pouch with
optional- glue for the ribbon edges, I used fray lock glue

If you would like to add flowers instructions can be found here.

Step One
Lay the doily flat and place the tulle over top.  Cut out a circle about 1-2" larger than the doily.

Step Two
  Place the tulle circle off to the side for later and thread your ribbon onto the needle.

Step Three
With the right side of the doily facing you, starting about 1/2"- 1" from the edge of the doily, weave the ribbon between the stitches staying even with the round.
Continue until you've gone around the entire doily.
Flip the doily over so the wrong side is facing up.  Pull on both ribbon ends slightly until it starts to form a pouch.

Step Four
Lay the tulle circle flat and place the items to fill the pouch in the center.
Gather the edges of the tulle together and place in the middle of the doily. 

Step Five
Pull both ribbon ends to close the pouch and tie in a bow.  Trim the tulle and ribbon ends to desired length.  You can add a drop of glue to each ribbon end to prevent fraying.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and the finished pouch :)


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