Sunday, May 7, 2017

Crochet covers

These crochet doily covers are quick and easy to make.  If you have some smaller doilies this might be a nice and different way to display them.  They can be used to cover small bowls, vases, bottles, ornaments, or anything else you can think of!  For this guide I'm using the pattern Starlight.  It has been updated with instructions for a third border style available here-
1 small doily around 10" in diameter
1/8" ribbon (about 25-30")
yarn needle
glue for the ribbon edges, I used fray lock glue

something small to cover with the doily, around 3" to 5" tall

Optional materials and instructions for adding flowers

12 ribbon roses
sewing thread
sewing needle
 With the wrong side of the doily facing you, thread the sewing needle and evenly sew 12 flowers around the edge of the doily

Step One
Thread your ribbon onto the needle.

Step Two
Choose where you want the ribbon to go.  I recommend starting about 1/2" to 3/4" from the edge of the doily.  For the one I'm using that would mean starting near round 16 or 17.  Keep in mind that the closer your ribbon is to the edge, less of the doily will show at the top.

Step Three
With the right side of the doily facing you and working even with the round, weave your ribbon between the stitches.

Step Four
Once you've gone around the whole doily turn it over so the wrong side is facing you.  Put the object you want to cover in the center of the doily and pull both ends of ribbon so that it forms a pouch.

Step Five
Pull the ribbon tight and tie in a bow.  Trim the ribbon if you'd like and add a drop of glue to each end to prevent fraying.

I hope that you enjoyed this guide and the finished doily cover :D


  1. Great idea! This is a lovely way to display doilies. Now, I've got to start crochet more!

  2. Дуже гарна ідея! Дякую! Успіхів!

  3. This look so colorful, and fun to use. They also look fun to make and of course I save so much money on squishes. Every month I spend uselessly on wash clothes

  4. I came across this site yesterday, so much good stuff here...loved all your designs and appreciate the fact that it is for free. Thank you so much :)