Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Trio of doilies

I finished typing a pattern for the light pink doily and it will be available tomorrow :D  I'm still working on patterns for the smaller two.  The light pink doily is 18 rounds and measures about 8 1/2".   There are several types of stitches including puff stitches, cluster stitches, front post single crochet, and picots.  I've never made a doily with puff stitches before but I like how it turned out!

They all have the same center but I may change the border on the smaller ones.  The ecru doily measures 6 1/2" and the variegated orange and purple one measures 5".    
Making it again in my favorite color, glacier ice (Artiste thread).  The pattern will include a photo tutorial.


  1. These handmade crafts make the home beautiful. I always prefer such handicrafts in my home instead of artificial crafts.

  2. This Doily design is exquisite!
    I love crocheting and making pineapple doilies, and can't wait to make this one!
    Thank you for your lovely designs.

  3. Спасибо вам, за ваши работы. Глядя на них мне хочется вязать. Вы вдохновляете нас на вязание прекрасных вещей!!!