Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Plants and flowers

 We recently bought our first home and have been working on getting everything ready so we can move in!  In two of the rooms we found hardwood floors hidden underneath plywood and tile and we've been working on that.  Around the outside there are a lot of plants, some of them we brought but most of them came with the house.  Here are some pictures from around the yard- 
Dead nettle has taken over most of the front yard!  

Queen Elizabeth rose

Butterfly bush


Alabama Sunset Coleus

The larger shed has one of these on both of it's doors.

A lantern found in the shed.


  1. Your Amish/Pennsylvania Dutch circle on the shed door is so nice. And your flowers are amazing.

  2. You'll need to choose whether or not you wish to plant annuals or perennials in your garden, or a mixture of each. Annuals, like snapdragons, zinnias, and alternative flowers grow, bloom, and vanish in one season.