Saturday, July 23, 2016

Summer Fantasy

This doily is called Summer Fantasy by Fujiko Takagi.  The pattern is in Magic Crochet magazine, August 1989.  I really like the design and also the name :D  It is done in triple crochet, and has some triple crochet popcorn stitches in the doily and in the last round.  There are 25 rounds.  I used about 260 yards of DMC cebelia size 20 crochet thread and a 1.25 mm hook.  The doily measures 15" after being blocked.  


  1. So good and fine drawing and beautiful cutting is making it perfect. I just wanted to ask whether they are available in more colors or not. Please respond soon about my query.

  2. You are such a creative person! I am happy to find your blog. Nice job.